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The picture shows a happy apprentice at BMW operating a robot.

DBFH: Dual apprenticeship and university of applied sciences entrance qualification.

You are highly capable and don't do things in half measure? The dual apprenticeship with university of applied sciences entrance qualification allows you, in just three years, to simultaneously acquire both a vocational education and the entrance qualification to a university of applied sciences.

The shortest route to apprenticeship and university of applied sciences entrance qualification.

During their vocational training apprentices attend the "Fachoberschule"/"Berufsoberschule" (FOS/BOS), a vocational upper secondary school, for two days a week. After completion of their vocational training, which is shortened to 2.5 years, they receive a six-month period of full-time education at an FOS/BOS, culminating in the award of the university of applied sciences entrance qualification. Upon completion of training, graduates have the best chances of joining, for example, our SpeedUp Bachelor's Programme or of starting a course at a technical college.


Requirements for participation in this programme are an intermediate school-leaving qualification with at least C grades in German, English and mathematics and a high level of performance, proactiveness and capacity for teamwork.


Dual professional training with advanced technical college certificate are offered for the following vocations:

Training locations.

The BMW Group offers a shortened apprenticeship leading to the entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences at the following locations in Germany:

Former DBFH participants benefit from our Alumni network. For the registration send an e-Mail to

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