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Production Mechanic apprenticeship at the BMW Group



Your future career.

You build what our customers desire: cars that exude passion that are brimming with innovations. As a production mechanic (f/m) you manufacture and assemble individual vehicle parts to the highest quality standards.

What you will learn with us.

  • Filing, drilling, sawing, milling, turning, welding and much more: during your first apprenticeship year you will learn all the possible techniques to form metal. In other words you will make parts from raw material that work alone or together. A practical example? You will learn how to make a hammer yourself with a lathe using different materials or you will mill a finished component from a single piece of metal. 
  • During your second apprenticeship year you learn new skills related to assembly techniques. Timing and the quality of your work play an extremely important role: you have to ensure that the right part is always installed in the right place at the right time and that it is of the highest quality.
  • During regular stints in assembly you will go through all the respective working steps to solve the car “jigsaw puzzle" challenge efficiently – because who wants to have a blue car with red doors? 
  • During your third apprenticeship year you work together with your colleagues (f/m/x) in various specialist areas, for example in assembly or in engine construction. 
  • You will also have plenty of time to prepare for the final exam with fellow apprentices. In learning groups, you can learn theoretical and practical skills required in greater depth for a successful degree.

What you can expect afterwards.

  • The apprenticeship as a production mechanic (f/m/x) is your entry ticket to the world of production. Whether vehicle or engine construction, you can look forward to a wide range of possibilities.
  • In addition, the experience won will give you the opportunity to further your education, such as becoming a master craftsman or technician in your chosen specialist field.

What you should bring along.

  • An interest in our diverse range of tasks
  • Enjoy craftsmanship and technical tasks
  • Attention to detail and precision
  • Enjoy working in a team
  • Communication skills
  • An interest in geometry
  • A qualifying diploma from secondary school / secondary modern school or middle school

What you can look forward to.

  • Very good apprenticeship pay
  • Security and excellent social benefits
  • Flexible working hours and free-time compensation
  • Various, exciting tasks
  • A great working atmosphere and super team
  • Expert personal support
  • Numerous options for further development during and after your apprenticeship
  • An apprenticeship qualification with one of the world’s leading car manufacturers

Your apprenticeship duration.

3 years.

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The right application.

To apply for an apprenticeship at the BMW Group, please complete the following steps. Information on the application period can be found on the webpage of the location where you would like to start your apprenticeship (see below).

Apprentices report on their work as a machining mechanic

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Apprenticeship as a Production Mechanic (f/m) at the BMW Group.

Apprenticeship locations.

* This apprenticeship located in Regensburg might contain placements and/or permanent position at our location in Munich.

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