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BMW Group Plant Leipzig.

One of our most modern and sustainable plants is located in Leipzig. Here we produce classic vehicles of the BMW 1 Series and 2 Series, as well as – since 2013 – automobiles with electric drive and CFRP lightweight bodies. As Germany's first automobile factory in Leipzig, we’re particularly proud of the fact that we can, to a large extent, work with electricity from our very own four wind turbines.


The image shows two apprentices sitting next to a car.


After you have completed your apprenticeship in one of our plants, we guarantee that you will be offered a permanent contract.

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Your apprenticeship remuneration is:
1st year: EUR 1,058.13
2nd year: EUR 1,115.13
3rd year: EUR 1,173.13
4th year: EUR 1,230.13

In addition, you will receive holiday and Christmas bonuses and even profit-sharing from the second year. 

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With us, you have the opportunity to rent or buy your dream car on particularly favourable apprentice conditions.

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As an apprentice, you travel a lot. With us, your trips to vocational school are subsidised. Thus, you don't have to worry about high expenses and can enjoy your apprenticeship to the fullest!

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As an apprentice, you can look forward to a daily changing menu in our company restaurants. Further, various snacks and hot drinks are offered in the company's cafés. This is a particularly good way to spend the breaks together!

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Fitness and leisure activities, flexible working hours, personal development and employee discounts - these are just a few of our additional benefits.

Application period.

17 July (last school day before summer holidays)                                                       

Being fast, pays off. The earlier you apply, the higher the chances to follow your dream apprenticeship. Applying is only possible until all apprenticeship places are filled (no set time limit).

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At the BMW Group plant in Leipzig, we work closely with the occupational training centre and can therefore already offer apprenticeships specifically for people with hearing impairments in the two professions of Specialist for Industrial Mechanics and Production Mechanic. The application takes place via the regular job advertisements for our apprenticeships.

Online application.

In order to make things easier for you and us, you can only apply online via our Job Assistant. In the “Application Tips” section, you may find all information about the application procedure and a step-by-step guidance. Alternatively, you may also apply directly here.



Recruiting Hotline:
Tel.: +49 (0)341 445 - 17001
Contact: Katja Beck


Dual apprenticeship with university entrance qualification (Abitur) in Saxony. This four-year course, which combines both vocational school and technical college, concludes with the proficiency examination of the IHK Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Abitur examination. The DuBAS project will be offered for future IT specialists and IT systems engineers at the Vocational School Centre for Electronics in Dresden and for future industrial, tool and cutting machine mechanics at the Karl-Heine-Schule at the Leipzig Vocational School Centre. The school-based element of the training combines general and vocational teaching at the technical college with the inter-professional and vocational content of the vocational school. To be admitted to the DuBAS course, please apply to our company for an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic and also directly to the Karl-Heine-Schule at the Leipzig Vocational School Centre.


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