With the completion of my apprenticeship, I was taken on as a Department Head Assistant in the Corporate Communications department. Even today, I am very grateful for that.


Assistant to Department Head Corporate Communications

This picture shows Pia who works at BMW.


After finishing my A-levels, I decided to do an apprenticeship. Due to my very positive internship experience at BMW, I decided to apply there. As a management assistant apprentice, I went through many different departments. This gave me the opportunity to get to know the BMW Group from different angles. Here I always met new colleagues, which kept my network growing. It was always exciting to see where it would lead next. Due to the various assignments, I never stopped learning and gained experience in a wide variety of areas. During my 3-month stay abroad in England, I had the chance to get to know working life there and to improve my language skills.

In addition to my work, I had vocational school at different intervals as well as language classes in the company once a week. Together with my apprenticeship colleagues, I was being well prepared for the foreign language demands of everyday work. Of course, this not only helped in professional life, but also privately.

With the completion of my apprenticeship, I was taken on as Assistant to Department Head Corporate Communications. Even today, I am very grateful for that. In close coordination with my boss, I plan and structure his working day and support him with a wide variety of tasks. Through the language and vocational school lessons during my apprenticeship, I was well prepared for communication with internal and external colleagues. In addition to routine tasks, there are always new and exciting challenges, even after two years.

In order to develop myself personally and professionally, I decided to do evening studies in the field of "Marketing and Digital Media" in Munich. Of course it was a change at first, but thanks to the flexibility of my boss and my self-organisation, I can manage everything well. So I still have time for friends, family and hobbies.