I knew from early on that I wanted to work for the BMW Group spearheading innovation in the automotive and mobility sector.


Scrum Master for Autonomous Driving.

This picture shows Jessica who works at BMW.


As a scrum master for autonomous driving, I’ve got a very varied and exciting job. On the one hand, I work with a large number of developers with different backgrounds and expert knowledge in various technical areas, such as robotics, big data, machine learning, cyber security and functional safety. It is part of my job to ensure that the development teams can create product increments in a self-organised and focused manner. On the other hand, I support the product owners, creating a customer-friendly product vision, and work closely with other scrum masters who ensure transparency and self-organisation in our environment.

I’ve been part of the BMW Group since 2013 when I started as a classic engineer in the field of development and testing engine control at the BMW M GmbH. I’ve always been enthusiastic about learning and I feel exactly right at the BMW Group, because here you can gather new skills in a wide variety of areas, learn from very experienced colleagues and gain insights into diverse areas of innovation.

Born in the United States, I came to Munich for my master’s degree in Vehicle and Engine Technology after completing my Mechanical Engineering bachelor’s degree in Maryland. During and after my master’s degree, I gained experience with other companies. But I knew early on that I wanted to work for the BMW Group as an innovation leader in the automotive and mobility sectors.