BMW always allows me to get to know new, exciting topics and to develop myself professionally and personally.


Type Approval for Automated Driving

This picture shows Corrina who works at BMW.


I was already fascinated by foreign cultures and how the international economy works during my Master’s degree in Economics. This enthusiasm led me to study in Beijing and also to join an international project at Daimler. With these experiences and a lot of curiosity, I started my BMW Group path in the PhD programme in Cooperation Management. I had the opportunity to get to know our development sites in Beijing and Shenyang and to agree on cooperation models with the Munich headquarters with my colleagues. I was also able to train Chinese employees how the vehicle development process works at BMW.

For the past few years, I have been working on a software project to digitise the strategic portfolio planning of the BMW Group. The insights into the early phases of architecture and vehicle development were really interesting for me. Since January, I have been in charge of international type approval for automated driving – an exciting field for the future. My job is to support the departments in bringing the innovations of the BMW Group onto international roads.

In addition to my actual duties in the job, I am always looking for challenges and inspirations. For example, I present events for new employees in the Drive Programme where I have the opportunity to question our board members on stage. In addition, I was a jury member at several hackathons and was able to represent BMW at a career fair. My managers have always supported these projects, giving me the opportunity to use my strengths and develop myself personally.

When I am not working, I play the piano and enjoy (especially because I am originally from the very North of Germany) the view in the mountains on hiking trails and via ferrata together with my friends.