BMW itself was the best training platform in my life. Here I was able to learn what really matters to make projects a reality.


Manager R&D Programme.

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After completing my dual bachelor’s degree in Vehicle Systems Engineering at the University of Cooperative Education in Friedrichshafen, I graduated with a master's degree in Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures (Numerical Simulation Methods) from the University of Stuttgart. This was the ideal basis for my entry into the BMW Group, where I then became part of a highly agile driving simulator project in 2004 and was responsible for real-time trajectory planning. For this, I entered the field of cognitive research and cooperated with clinic Großhadern to develop a model for the human vestibular system, which in turn formed the basis for optimal driving simulator control.

Understanding human perception while driving a vehicle is the best prerequisite for the development of "Sheer Driving Pleasure" at BMW. So, I moved to the new function Basic Design Driving Dynamics and was allowed to develop the chassis of the new models BMW i3 and BMW i8. In the following years, I went through several more job changes as a group leader within the Vehicle Dynamics Development Department before taking over the Electric Drive Systems Research as a department head, followed by the Programme Development Research and Pre-development of the Development division.

BMW itself was the best training platform in my life. Here I was able to learn what really matters to make projects a reality: Generating hard facts, thinking broadly and – above all – reaching people. The big insight I took away from it is that change is gold and the fear of it is poison. Many people are afraid of change because it is not always easy to take new and uncertain paths. But you often have to choose the more difficult path instead of the seemingly easier one. You always grow with your tasks.

In the last five years, I have changed positions a total of four times – because change is important and you shouldn't stay in one position for too long, as change is an integral part of the self-conception in my working life. BMW doesn't give you a limit, you define the limit yourself and that is the recipe for success. If you enjoy making things happen, you're in the perfect place here. The mindset "Offside is when the referee blows the whistle!" is lived here every day. I didn't set myself any limits and always ran as far as I could.

My motto: Respect the hierarchy, but don't be afraid. The encounter is always at eye level!