So, there’s no trace of boredom.


Interior Trim, Boot Trim.

This picture shows Bettina who works at BMW.


After studying mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, I first worked in the construction industry, where I was responsible for the factory planning of new plants in Eastern Europe. Both the tasks and the travelling were particularly exciting for me – only the product did not convince me yet! I wanted to work on something even more fascinating!

After an initiative application I started as an assembly process planner at the BMW Group in Munich in 2013. Over a thousand vehicles are produced here every day and it was totally impressive for me to be right in the middle of what’s happening.

Here I learned how to build cars and how the complex processes in an assembly work. With this experience, I switched to the vehicle project as an assembly integrator.

Working with and developing young colleagues is one of my most valuable experiences, but there came a time when my family, especially my little daughter, was about to be my new centre of happening. BMW gave me the chance to work part-time and with a great work-life-balance, I was able to get both responsibilities under control.

For 3 years now I´ve been working in a new area, where I’m responsible for pre-development in the interior. Here I work with sustainable materials and circle economy which allows me to make a small contribution to the new sustainability strategy. Therewith, I’ve got the chance to do research and work on future topics. Of course, I can’t implement each of my ideas in a vehicle project but the opportunity to try out and test completely new approaches is what makes the job so exciting for me.

So there’s no trace of boredom: mastering new challenges every day and being part of fascinating projects – that's what makes my work so exciting and that’s the reason why I like to go to work every morning.