At the BMW Group, it is normal to dare a change of perspective at certain intervals and to get to know new exciting topics.


HR Marketing Young Talents.

This picture shows Berni who works at BMW.


I started at the BMW Group as an apprentice. Through my training, I was able to gain practical experience early on and get to know many different areas in the company – which is why I would also recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is unsure after leaving school whether they would like to study or would rather go straight into a job.

My favourite station during the apprenticeship was Human Resources. And so, at the end of my apprenticeship, I also got the opportunity to get to know the HR department in Oxford, UK, for three months. There, I not only improved my English a bit, but also gained insights into my future working life – because it was already clear to me that I would be joining the HR Services department permanently after completing my training. 

For three years, I was able to fully concentrate on my entry into Human Resources until I decided to start a part-time degree programme. My manager at the time supported me and gave me additional time to study – and the BMW Group also gave me a financial allowance for my further education.

After graduating, I moved to HR Marketing and have since then been responsible for school pupil and university marketing. For me, there are hardly any more exciting areas within HR and I always find it challenging to find out which communication measures you can use to address specific target groups and get them excited about the company. I find the exchange with our programme participants and apprentices particularly exciting. Through my job, I get to know many people and gain insights into their everyday work. In doing so, I notice again and again that the diverse values and requirements of the generations present us with challenges in HR Marketing and in some respects require a rethink – because we no longer reach pupils and students through classic, already tried and tested measures. But I think that our team is well prepared for this and is definitely in tune with the times.

By the way, I had no experience in marketing before I joined the department – and yet the change worked out. At the BMW Group, it is normal to dare a change of perspective at certain intervals and to get to know new exciting topics. Of course, this also brings opportunities for the departments and provides new perspectives. The fact that I did the training myself and already knew the young target groups from my time in HR made it easier for me to get started.