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You already have a few years of professional experience and are looking for a new challenge? Find out what to consider when you apply.

Important note: We’re currently in the transition phase from our old job assistant to a new application system. This however also means that it’s currently possible, especially when it comes to multiple applications, that redirections to two different portals might take place. But there’s no need to worry: As long as applications are still running through the old job assistant, we’ll also check and revise them there.

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If you are interested in applying for a job with us, there is still the possibility to apply for a suitable position via the Job Finder, despite the current situation around Covid-19.

All application processes that have already started will also continue to run normally. However, in order to face the current development around Covid-19 prudently, we now usually do not conduct interviews in the form of personal interviews, but alternatively via Skype Video. This gives both sides the chance to see each other virtually and get to know each other better. Because for us the following still applies: Our selection process should enable all parties to make an informed decision. Not only do we want to find out whether it fits, but our applicants should also be able to see whether they can imagine working for us.

After submitting your application, you can view the status or change information at any time using this link to the candidate profile. We will also keep you up to date by email. Therefore, please check your mailbox regularly and check your spam folder from time to time.

Yes! If you apply for several positions, you can also expect several interviews in the various specialist areas if you are suitable. You only need to create your candidate profile once – no matter how many positions you apply for.

In general it is possible to send us an unsolicited application. However, there are certain areas such as IT and engineering where we are increasingly looking for special talent – especially in times of shortage – and other areas such as business where the need is less pronounced. In the latter areas all existing positions are listed in our Job Finder and no further positions are filled via unsolicited applications. If you are interested in the areas of engineering and IT and there is nothing suitable in the Job Finder, our unsolicited applicant tool with its integrated e-assessment offers the opportunity to submit unsolicited applications for possible future positions. We will then contact you if we find a vacancy matching your knowledge and skills.

The aim of our interviews is of course to personally get to know each other. Based on an interview guide specially tailored to the position as well as biography-oriented and by using small case descriptions, we check whether you fit to us and the position. During the conversation, we of course also give you space to ask us all your open questions and, if necessary, discuss framework conditions such as possible entry dates and the like. The goal is that at the end of the conversation we all have enough information to make a decision.

Note: Interviews for graduates or direct entry do not only take place with department representatives, but also with colleagues from our human resources department. For our entry-level and support programmes, the interview is traditionally held as part of a selection day.

The interview can take place on-site, by phone or via Skype, depending on where you live and how difficult it would be to get there. We actually have more and more virtual conversations for the sake of the environment.

If you apply for our trainee programme (Global Leader Development Programme), a telephone interview is an integral part of the application process. For other types of entry, we only conduct telephone interviews as an option or as a substitute for a personal interview.

Depending on the type of entry and/or programme, various instruments await you in the selection process, such as (telephone) interview, online test and/or assessment centre. However, assessment centres are rarely used for normal entry-level positions.

Depending on the type of entry and/or programme, various instruments await you in the selection process, such as (telephone) interview, online test and/or assessment centre. However, assessment centres are rarely used for normal entry-level positions.

You can only apply to the BMW Group online. By clicking on “Apply now” in the respective job advertisement in the Job Finder, you can access the candidate profile, where you can apply directly online.

For the protection of employees, the law governing part-time employment and fixed-term employment contracts stipulates that a fixed-term employment contract may only be fulfilled one time in the same company. Temporary posts include voluntary internships, positions as working students and fixed-term employment. You may therefore only fulfil each of these contracts once at the BMW Group.

If you are interested in a position at one of our international locations, you can find more information, including contact details, here on our interactive location map.

Responding promptly to applications is a priority for us. Due to the large number of applications we receive, it might take some time until you receive the first feedback. We will notify you as soon as your application has been reviewed.

For further questions, our colleagues at the applicant hotline are available Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm (CET). You can contact us via telephone at +49 (0)89 382 17001 or via e-mail at

Career Tip Christian


Head IT plant Leipzig


“Try to find out who you are to find a job that fits you. A good job satisfies you and is fun.”

Career Tip by Miriam


Engineer Fuel System Application and Development


“Tell about a project that you really enjoyed. Try not to be objective but stand that you really enjoyed the work. Enjoying your job is the most important foundation for a successful working life.”

Career Tip by Christian


Simulation and concept prototypes propulsion


“The goal always has to be to build the best cars and everything else will follow.”

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