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Personal Data Protection Statement

Thanks for your interest in BMW brand and friendly visit to the website of (“Website”). BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. (“BMW China” or “we”), as the owner of this Website, hereby publish this Statement for your careful consideration.

As a visitor to this Website, you are deemed to have fully understood and accepted all terms of this Statement when you are logging in and browsing this Website. If you do not understand or agree with any content herein, please immediately stop browsing and leave this Website.

1. Scope of Personal Data

The personal data which we collect from you refers to the data which can, either independently or when combined with other data, enable the identification of you. Such personal data includes but not limited to your name, gender, age, date of birth, ID number, address, contact information, hobbies, occupation, emergency contact, relevant account, when and where you use our services, and other personal data (“Personal Data”). All the Personal Data is provided by you on voluntary basis.

When you are visiting this Website, the server of this Website may automatically or passively record certain data, such as the name of your internet server, the data regarding your registered user, the operating system and browser of your computer, the IP address you used when visiting this Website, the date and time duration and frequency of your visit to this Website, the page you were actually viewing, the website you visited immediately before you linked to this Website. Although the aforesaid information is not initiatively provided by you, it will also be regarded as part of the Personal Data you voluntarily provide to us since such information is collected by us as a result of your voluntary visit to this Website.

2. Collection and Processing of Personal Data

The ultimate goal for us to collect your Personal Data is to provide you with better products and services and to improve and optimize your user experience. The specific collecting manner or channel includes, but not limited to:

  • membership registration
  • website registration
  • questionnaire
  • after-sale tracking & return visit
  • soliciting of comments and suggestions in connection with relevant products and services
  • organization of events and soliciting of participants
  • others

You have the right to refuse the provision of Personal Data. However, if you refuse to provide certain Personal Data, you may not be able to use the products and services supplied by us, or your use of such products or services may be affected.


3. Use and Disclosure of Personal Data


1) You agree that your Personal Data may be used and disclosed (including being stored and processed) by the following means:

     (a) used by us (including our branch offices);

     (b) disclosed by us to our affiliated companies (including without limitation BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd., BMW China Services Ltd.(BCS), BMW Automotive Finance (China) Co., Ltd. (“BMW Finance”), subsidiaries, controlling companies, joint ventures, etc.), BMW authorized dealers and BMW authorized repair centers (collectively referred to as “BMW-related Entities”) for their use;

     (c) disclosed by us and the above-mentioned BMW-related Entities, within their respective ordinary business scopes, to and used by their respective transferee or successor, legal and financial adviser, external service provider, contractor/agent/broker, bank reference entity, and debt collection agency.

2) We and the BMW-related Entities may periodically or occasionally send to you information in respect of our products and services and activities related to BMW, and you agree to receive the aforementioned information.

3) We may provide your Personal Data to third parties other than the aforementioned entities in the event of any of the following circumstances or for any of the following purposes:

  • upon your special authorization;
  • upon the mandatory requirement of applicable laws or governmental authorities (including judicial authorities);
  • for the performance of applicable service provisions (including investigation of potential non-compliance matters);
  • for the purposes of tracking, preventing or dealing with fraud, or security or technical problems;
  • to the extent required or permitted by the law, in order to protect the rights, property or security of the users or the public from harm; or in an emergency so that your Personal Data may be disclosed to and used by your emergency contact.

4) The means of transmission and storage of your Personal Data may include electronic means, and the recipient and/or the user of the concerned Personal Data as well as their relevant server may be located within or outside China.

5) We will maintain your Personal Data in strict security. We will implement appropriate mechanisms, security technologies and procedures and other measures to protect your Personal Data from unauthorized visit, use or disclosure. We will also cause all the recipients and users hereunder to undertake to protect and keep confidential your Personal Data.

6) You agree to waive any claim on any damages, liability or loss that has been or may be caused by the disclosure and use of your Personal Data by the recipient and/or user pursuant hereto, unless such damages, liability or loss are caused directly by the willful misconduct or gross negligence of such recipient and/or user.

7) We will store your Personal Data for a period in any case not longer than (i) the time period necessary for the contemplated purpose of collecting such data, or (ii) the time period specified under any contract or applicable law.

8) You need to keep confidential any Personal Data you provided on this Website. You may not authorize anyone else to obtain or use your Personal Data. You may not transfer, license or assign any of your rights and obligations under this Website to any third party without our consent. You will be responsible for all the use and other activities conducted in the name of your user account.

9) This Website will use “cookies” to record your Personal Data in an anonymous way. We may also use cookies to tell us when you last visited this Website, to assist with your login and your use after login and to assist in the administration of your use of features and programs on this Website. You may elect to accept or decline cookies by modifying the settings in your browser at any time. However, if cookies acceptance have been disabled completely, you may not be able to use all the interactive features on this Website, or certain area of this Website may not be able to normally operate on your browser.


4. Governing Law


This Statement is governed by the laws of People’s Republic of China.


5. Miscellaneous


1) This Website is not open to juveniles under the age of 18. We will not collect any Personal Data from any juveniles.

2) Whenever you need to inquire, modify or correct your Personal Data, please log in the applicant tracking system.

3) This Statement does not cover any other website which can be linked from this Website or can link to this Website. We are not responsible for the data protection on such other websites.

4) We may need to change this Statement from time to time. All changes will be published on Continued access of this Website by you will constitute your acceptance of any changes or revisions to the Statement. This Statement was last updated on 3rd of December 2015.







一、 个人信息的范围





二、 个人信息收集和处理


  1. 会员登记
  2. 网站注册
  3. 调查问卷
  4. 售后跟踪和回访
  5. 就有关产品或服务征求意见和建议
  6. 举办活动并征集参加者
  7. 其他


三、 个人信息使用和披露

(1) 您同意,我们可以通过以下方式对个人信息进行使用和披露(包含对于个人信息的存储和处理):


(a) 我们(含分支机构)自行使用;

(b) 我们向关联公司(包括但不限于华晨宝马汽车有限公司、宝马(中国)服务有限公司(“宝马服务”) 、宝马汽车金融(中国)有限公司(“宝马金融”)、附属公司、控股公司、联营公司等)、宝马品牌授权经销商和宝马品牌授权维修商(以上统称“宝马相关实体”)披露并由其使用;


(c) 在各自的正常业务范围内,我们及上述宝马相关实体向各自受让人或继承人、法律及财务顾问、外部服务供应商、承包商/代理人/经纪人、信用资料或备咨机构、收账代理人披露并由其使用。


(2) 我们和宝马相关实体可能定期或不定期向您发送有关产品和服务的信息以及宝马相关活动信息,您同意接收上述信息。


(3) 在下列情况下或为下列目的之一,我们可能将个人信息提供给前述相关实体以外的第三方:

  1. 经过您的特别授权;
  2. 满足相关法律规定或满足政府机关(包括司法机关)的强制性要求;
  3. 执行适用的服务条款(包括调查可能存在的违规情况);
  4. 查找、预防或处理欺诈、安全或技术方面的问题;
  5. 在法律要求或允许的范围内,保护用户或公众的权利、财产或安全免遭损害;或
  6. 在紧急情况下,向您的紧急联系人披露并由其使用。


(4) 个人信息的传输、存储方式包含电子方式,相应信息接受和/或使用方及其服务器可能位于中国境内或者境外。


(5) 我们将严格保护您的个人信息安全。我们将采用适当制度、安全技术和程序等措施来保护您的个人信息不被未经授权的访问、使用或泄漏。我们亦将促使本法律声明所述各接收和使用方尽力保护和不予泄露您的个人信息。


(6) 您同意免除上述个人信息的接收和/或使用方在按照本法律声明所述情形下进行信息披露和使用而导致的或可能导致的所有索赔、责任和损失,除非上述索赔、责任和损失直接因该等接收和/或使用方的故意行为或重大过失造成。



(7) 我们保留您的个人信息的时间,将不会超过为该等信息的预定使用目的而必需的时间,或任何合同或相关法律所规定的时间。


(8) 您将对您在网站上提供的个人信息承担保密责任。您不可授权其他人取得或使用您的个人信息。在未经我们同意的情况下,您不可将您在本网站下的权利和义务转让、许可或分配给任何第三方。您将对以您账户的名义进行的所有使用行为或活动承担全部的责任。


(9) 本网站将采用cookie以匿名形式记录您的个人信息,我们也可能利用cookie获得您最后一次访问本网站的时间,协助您进行登录及登录后的使用,并帮助我们管理您对本网站应用及程序的使用。您可以随时通过改变浏览器的设置来接受或拒绝Cookies。但如果Cookies全部禁用,您可能无法使用我们网站的所有互动应用,或者可能导致本网站某些区域无法在您的浏览器上正常工作。


四、 适用法律



五、 其他

1、 本网站不向18周岁以下的未成年人开放,我们亦不会向其收集个人信息。

2、 如果您需要查询、修改或更正您的个人信息,请登录本网站进行更改。

3、 本声明并非覆盖通过本网站所链接到的其它网站或链接到本网站的其他网站。我们不对上述其他网站的信息保护问题负责。

4、 我们可能会对本声明不时进行修订。所有的修订均会在 公布。您继续访问本网站的行为将表示您已接受了对本声明做出的任何更改或修订。本声明最近一次更新日期为2015年12月3日 。