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CHENGDU. China’s fourth biggest city is all about serenity and a relaxed pace of life. Here you’ll enjoy unwinding while exploring the nearby mountains and lakes, in a park or a temple or at one of the city’s many teahouses.
BMW CHENGDU (WEST REGION). Two BMW entities – BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. and China Automotive Finance (China) Co. Ltd. – operate out of the BMW regional office in Chengdu, which is located in La Defense Mansion, a state-of-the-art office building in the Hi-tech zone of Chengdu’s new city centre.


Life in Chengdu.

Chengdu, the capital city of the Sichuan province, is China's fourth most populous city, with an urban population of just over 7.4 million. The city is continually expanding, with a new metro system and plans to construct a new airport by 2020.

Chengdu was and is still known for its unique embroidery, silk, lacquer and jewellery. As the Silk Route’s southern gateway, it was also the place where the first known form of a banknote was made, thus business is strongly rooted in the city’s history. Today Chengdu continues to foster a thriving economy, partly due to the municipal government’s success in attracting foreign investment, which has made it a top investment location in inland China. More and more young people decide to move here due to Chengdu’s supportive environment for entrepreneurs, low costs for founding a new venture and the career opportunities that the start-up scene offer.

The city acts as the heart and the soul of the country’s tea production, and boasts more teahouses than anywhere else in China. The teahouses are ideal for relaxing, hanging out with friends and people watching, and are a great example of how Chengdu, despite its size, is a rare oasis of a city that has kept its original spirit despite its rapid growth. Life here is generally easy and slow-paced – a bit like the country’s national animal: the giant panda, which is also found in the city. The Chengdu Panda Base houses some of the world’s rarest pandas and is dedicated to bolstering the dwindling population of giant pandas.

The region is also famous for its food culture, which is defined by the spicy Sichuan peppercorn used to season the infamous hot pot dish that is typical of Sichuan cuisine. This kitchen’s spicy tradition has made chilli, garlic, peanut and black vinegar central ingredients, and also hand pulled noodles is a local speciality. Additionally and thanks to the city’s international vibe, a wide number of cuisines from around the world are also readily available.

From Chengdu, weekend or day trips to the mountains are always an option. The Longchi National Forest Park's wildlife, waterfalls and lakes make it a natural destination for a peaceful break, while The Xiling Snow Mountain is also an appealing option for a day trip thanks to its seasonal attractions: flowers in spring, waterfalls in summer, colorful autumn leaves and snow in the winter, where the mountains, known as the “Oriental Alps”, also serve as a ski resort.

The BMW offices in Chengdu are located in the south park of Chengdu high-tech zone of Chengdu’s new city center, also known as Tianfu New City. This new district in Chengdu is becoming a base of national software industry, attracting some internationally well-known enterprises.

La Defense Mansion, an arch shaped tower, is home to two legal BMW entities: BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd., responsible for all national sales, marketing & aftersales activities; and BMW China Automotive Finance (China) Co.,Ltd. that offers not only financial products but also customer-oriented services.

La Defense Mansion is a 25-minutes drive to Chengdu’s city centre, 10-minutes drive to the South Railway Station, and 15-minutes drive to the Shuangliu International Airport. Asides from many public bus routes by Tianfu Software Park, the park operator provides 24-hour shuttle buses from the park to the South Railway Station, as well as the metro line 1 has it station less than 100 metres away.

About the BMW Group in China.

The BMW Group in China consists of sales, financial service organizations, R&D and purchasing for the BMW brand of motor vehicles, including motorcycles, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

China is the largest market in the world for BMW Group vehicles, by end of 2014, there are more than 350 BMW sales and service outlets in China mainland. With more than 455,000 vehicles sold in 2014, which makes up a whopping 21% of the group’s worldwide transactions, BMW is one of the best-selling premium car brands in China.The headquarters for China and Asia is located in Beijing.

The BMW China services Ltd. providing R&D, procurement, internal audit services to the BMW group in China and other Asian countries. With main offices in Beijing and branches in Shanghai and Shenyang the entity is engaged in research and development for automobiles and motorcycles and their parts, components, systems and technology.

 Also included under the BMW Group umbrella is BMW Automotive Finance (China) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of BMW Group and BMW Brilliance Automotive, and works to promote the group’s business by providing premium and professional financial services and products.


BMW entered the Chinese market in 1994 by establishing the representative office in Beijing. BMW China has since grown significantly to include sales and financial services organizations for BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, as well as R&D and procurement departments.

Since 2003 the BMW Group has been manufacturing the BMW 3 Series and 5 Series models in the Chinese plant in Shenyang with its joint venture partner Brilliance. In 2012 a second production facility was inaugurated in Tiexi, which is in the Shenyang region. By both import and local productions, BMW has introduced all product series to the Chinese market as well as MINI and Rolls Royce.

In October 2005, BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. was established as another milestone of BMW’s long-term commitment to the Chinese market.

In 2010 BMW Automotive Finance (China) Co., Ltd., which is a joint venture of BMW Group and BMW Brilliance Automotive, officially started its business. The company's aim is to promote the Group's business by providing premium, professional financial services and products to BMW group dealers and customers.

BMW China Services Ltd. was founded in 2011 to provide R&D, procurement, internal audit services to the BMW Group in China and other Asian countries. The entity’s main office is in Beijing whereas the other branches are located in Shanghai and Shenyang.

Besides business success, BMW has always been committed to being a responsible corporate social citizen and developing harmoniously with the local community. BMW’s long-term CSR efforts in the Chinese market covers four main areas including educational support, environmental protection, cultural promotion, and corporate governance. In June 2008, BMW China and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. joined hands with China Charity Foundation (CCF) to establish the BMW Warm Heart Fund.


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