I am happy and proud at the same time to be part of this transformation because I really have a passion for technical innovations and for transformation projects.


Testmanager Electric Powertrain

Das Bild zeigt Samira Testmanagerin E-Antrieb der BMW Group

What is your job about? What area are you working in?
As a test manager, I am creating the test cases to test new functionalities in our battery electric vehicles at the integration level.

How is sustainability linked with your role?
Sustainability is linked to my role because the development of electric mobility is very important for reaching future goals of emission. We always try to get and develop new technical innovations to make electric vehicles even more interesting for our customers. Testing new innovations and making sure that our customers get what they need to be more sustainable in the future, is key. I think it is important that we try to get these innovations ready for the road so people can really rely on this technology. We therewith help our customers lead their lives in a more sustainable way.

In what regard do you and your work contribute to the sustainability targets of the BMW Group?
The development of the electric drive system is one of the most important columns when it comes to the sustainability goals of the BMW Group. In the near future, all vehicles have to be electric or electrified and therefore, we need a stable system which can be part of any vehicle that we present to our customers.

How does it make you feel to be part of this transformation?
It feels really good. I am happy and proud at the same time to be part of this transformation because I really have a passion for technical innovations and for transformation projects. So, it is with joy that I come to work every day and see the new functionalities and tell family and friends what I am doing.

Are you proud of being involved in this topic?
I am very proud to be involved in the sustainability topic because I think not many people have the opportunity to work on such a new technology every day. So, it is exciting and my pleasure to do that.

What does sustainability mean to you?
In my personal life, it is very important for me to think about sustainability and how we can reach future goals, because actually, I have three children and when they ask me “why was there no snow in winter?” or “what is going on around us?” – I do feel responsible. I feel I must preserve the nature and the environment for their future and for future generations. And I think, it is clear that we have to act now because future generations will not have these possibilities anymore.

How relevant do you see sustainability?
Sustainability is important because we need figure out a way, how to make sustainability economic. We have to convince our customers and thus, inspire them to be passionate about our products.

What is your idea of a sustainable world?
My idea of a sustainable world is that we care for our climate, reduce pollution and care about our resources, especially the non-regenerative ones.

Have you always been paying attention to sustainability?
I think I started paying attention to sustainability topics when I started working in the electric drive department at BMW. We got detailed information about the topic and what we can lose if we do not work for it right now. So, I believe this was the point where I started to care about sustainability.